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Storia Ghiradi Giordano Srl

The Ghirardi Giordano Srl company originates from the transformation of the Ghirardi Giordano company into a corporate form and from a over 60 year expertise in the area.

The current Polesella headquarters (former Eridania sugar factory) was acquired in 1996, a large facility next to the motorway exits.

After a long restoration completed in 2000 and the relocation of the operational headquarters from Ferrara, the company can now boast of a logistics terminal with large storage capacity and a railway terminal that enables the loading and unloading of large quantities of goods for our own commercial activities and also  for third parties.

Our main product is beet pulp pellet, treated in all sizes: both pellets and hulls.

In addition to that, we also sell sunflower and rapeseed meal, cotton seed, wheat, corn, pellet hops, white and cane sugar and other raw materials.

Next to our headquarters, we also own several stores with adequate services for whomever works in this sector in the province of Ferrara.  

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